Conduct research

Create, develop, and manage research projects, strategic plans, and performance metrics, monitor and evaluate projects.

Create winning proposals

Acquire and write applications for funding, including federal, state, and foundations.

Deliver insightful results

Formulate presentations, final reports, policy briefs, and other publications in plain English to help the reader understand highly technical concepts.

Research and Data Analysis

Effective research requires expertise with different types of data, big and small, quantitative and qualitative.  Careful research design and an ability to translate findings into actionable results are critical.  Most research often needs to be completed within a tight timeframe and sometimes with limited information.

Taking all these needs and constraints into account, we work with our clients to create and apply credible and sound research approaches, from descriptive analysis to more complex modeling methods, incorporating clinical and qualitative data if desired.

  • Clinical analysis.  With more than 30 years of clinical experience, we offer our clients the unique ability to combine clinical and research skills to create more robust analysis
  • Administrative and survey data analysis.  With our comprehensive knowledge of public and private data sets, we work with clients to identify the data that would best serve their needs.  Our staff is expert in determining the strengths and limitations of various data sources and incorporating those characteristics into the research design.
  • Qualitative research.   Qualitative research looks at the why and how of decision making, not just the what, where, when and who.  Qualitative research can provide context that may not be available through administrative data. We offer clients a variety of options to obtain this information including focus groups, in-depth interviews, and reviews of documents for types of themes. Surveys, structured interviews & observations, and reviews of records or documents for numeric information.
  • Research design and evaluation.  Different research questions may require alternative approaches.  Some questions can be answered with relatively simple descriptive analysis, while others demand more complex modelling or qualitative data gathering.  We have the expertise to design the appropriate research approach.
  • Translation of findings into easy to understand languageWe create presentations, final reports, policy briefs, and other publications and translate them into plain English to help the reader understand highly technical language and concepts.  When clients are ready to share the findings with their stakeholders or other audiences, we work with them to develop the most effective communications vehicle and style to meet their needs.

Create winning proposals

A well designed and thought out proposal process based on incorporating best practices can greatly improve your proposal quality and reduce proposal development work and stress.

We follow funding agency guidelines to complete your proposal or grant application on time and on budget.  We have created applications for numerous HHS agencies, as well as local, state, along with private and corporate foundations.  As part of our process, we strive to build a strong partnership with your organization to create a proposal that meets your needs.